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Every housewife who buys the sunflower oil of TM “Maslyana” should know – it does not contain genetically modified organisms, because there are no sunflowers have ever been modified in the world. The registry of food and feed have never registered any type of genetically modified sunflower. The world’s leading companies which are engaged in this activity, are not developing genetically modified types of sunflowers, because they believe it is not economically profitable – in the structure of world production of sunflower oil crops, they occupy a small part (7.2%).
The Ministry of Health has developed a list of foods to be checked for GMO content, in particular, the list included sunflower seeds, products made from their use and sunflower oil.

However, “Ukroliyaprom” asks the Ministry of Health to exclude the sunflower from the list of foods that should be subjected to verification of the content of genetically modified organisms. According to market experts, it creates unjustified obstacles to the implementation of Ukrainian sunflower oil on the world market.