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Secrets of successful purchase

On the sale, the TM “Maslyana’s” sunflower oil comes unrefined and refined. For nutrition of the whole family the both are required.

The unrefined oil has a specific pleasant smell and during the storage, it forms a precipitate. The unrefined sunflower oil is a natural product, it retains all the necessary for the human body natural components – vitamins A, D, E, tocopherols and other biologically active substances, so it can and should be consumed raw. Best of all, the unrefined sunflower oil is added to salads, steamed or boiled food. But it is not recommended to use it for frying, because in the heat it loses all of its magical abilities.

The refined sunflower oil is transparent, golden or pale-yellow colored. During the storage, no precipitate is being formed. It is excellent for baking and frying: it is not foaming and isn’t “shooting” on the pan, does not have a sharp odor and bitter taste.