Articles What you should not do with oil

What you should not do with oil

  1. To pour the oil in a hot pan. All the fats light in the high temperature. The temperature of the heated pan can exceed 300 ° C!
  2. To keep oil without a watch. You should never leave the oil heating if you do not watch her, possibly because of spontaneous ignition! If your oil will suddenly break out – no panic, quickly cover it with a damp cloth (with an apron of rough canvas, etc.). In any case, do not pour water !!!
  3. To fry the foodstuff using the burnt oil. Any burnt oil will invariably shoot and ruin the flavor.
  4. To keep the oil in light. Light provokes oxidative processes in oil and destroys the nutrients that are in it. The unrefined oil quickly loses its color (the pigments are ruining) and become bitter. Refined oil also “fade” and though it does not significantly affect the quality, it is better to keep it in a dark place.
  5. While cooking the dishes with minced meat, the amount liquid (milk, water, mayonnaise), which is added in the forcemeat, should not exceed 10% of the weight of the meat. Excess liquid which is coming out of the product when frying, groups in condensed form in the pan and provokes the “shooting” of your oil.
  6. Before roasting, the meat pieces should be pre-dried, wrapped in a paper napkin. The moisture, that is in the meat (often not fully thawed), gets into the oil and it begins to “shoot” and smoke.
  7. The raw potato slices must be thoroughly rinsed with the cold water to remove starched grains (because slices will stick together or stick to the bottom) and dry (eg, with the paper towel) before roasting. This will speed up the formation of the crust, oil will not be splashing, the slices will be equably roasted.
  8. Not to use the sunflower oil for food after the deadline of its expiration date. Over the time, it produces oxides that violate the body’s metabolism.
  9. And the most important point: you shoult never reuse the oil after the frying. When it is being heated, it forms the toxic compounds that are mutagenic and carcinogenic. And the useful components don’t remain in it at all.